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Nathan Johnson

Vice President, Marketing Services & Principal

Spend two minutes talking to Nathan and you’ll find him guiding the conversation into some cool, new strategic direction SA is, or will be, designing for one of our clients. Nathan lives on the leading edge. His experience includes entrepreneurial business start-ups in entertainment, telecom and marketing/communications. He has consulted with hundreds of businesses nationally, including HON, Allsteel, Jet-Alliance and the California Wellbeing Institute–Four Seasons Resort (A Dole/WellPoint joint venture) on growth strategies, organization, equity and marketing. Nathan has served national and international clients in health care, tourism, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and financial service sectors. He currently leads account and media teams for Service Experts, one of the largest RSR HVAC companies in the U.S. and Canada. He also has special consulting expertise in television and other media, working at the U.S. Cabinet level on documentaries to influence foreign policy and in providing humanitarian aid to Africa. He is involved in numerous charitable and community organizations across the nation.

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